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CANNAville New Mexico's Largest Medical Cannabis Festival

CANNAville is about shedding light on what was to be known as subculture. We are bringing awareness to the community and showing that cannabis is no longer taboo, but has been accepted not only by the strong presence of Medical Cannabis Patients but also by our fellow New Mexican Residents.

Medical cannabis has been accepted for medicinal properties from many angles. Cannabis helps with anything from anxiety, depression, pain, mental health and much more. We are having this festival to bring together not only the already growing members of the cannabis program, but also to those who seek answers and the benefits of what we all have experienced being on the program. We have decided to offer this event as a festival style scene in celebration of the benefits of cannabis and as a culture.

This festival is unique because we are combining education, culture, and awareness all in one... CANNAville is about bringing everyone together in a fun setting. Bringing awareness is not only for those who consume cannabis with a card, but to those who have been and always will consume cannabis for the benefits we all know it has. So bringing a way for people to obtain a NM cannabis program card we feel is the best solution. Legal, knowledge, access and affordability is what will benefit everyone.

This is a community event. Where recreational, medicinal, and the curious can all enjoy a day or 2 away from the Daily stresses of life. So let's enjoy this as a community and leave the negativity behind.

CANNAville is just around the corner! We have special guest performances lined up for both days just as a bonus treat for everyone attending. For everyone attending for education we have special guest speakers and advocates that will speak and answer questions. We will also have a full team staff of consultants ready to answer any questions and lead you in the right direction of obtaining your medical cannabis card. Doctors will be on site along with over 50 vendors! Dispensaries and industry professionals will be on hand and team leaders in the industry will also be available for anyone wanting to participate in the industry.